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Bigrock New Offers and Coupons 2016

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with dealsyaari save your money everytime when you are going to buy a domain or a hosting plan use Bigrock Offers and Coupons and save your money

Bigrock New Offers and Coupons 2016

offer is only valid for new user so create new ac and buy now .com domain
₹ 500 ₹ 99

Get 30% off on shared, reseller & VPS hosting. Use the coupon code to avail this offer

Get 30% off on WordPress hosting. Use the coupon code to avail this offer. Get 1 click WordPress Installation with cPanel

Get flat 50% off on privacy protect for any domain purchased on Bigrock. Use the coupon code to avail this offer.

Get 25% off on domain transfers. Use the coupon code to avail this offer.

Domains : 10% OFF, BIFM : 10% OFF, SSL : 10% OFF, Web Hosting, Email Hosting : 20% OFF : 20% OFF, DIY : 20% OFF . Use the coupon code to avail this offer.

About BigRock

Bigrock is India #1 domain registration and web hosting provider. You can register domain names in many different name spaces including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .in,,, .asia, and many more

Best Highest paying URL Shortners to Make Money Online 2016

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Best Highest paying URL Shortners to Make Money Online 2016
Make Money by Short URLs is one the traditional and easiest method of all time. No doubt their are hundreds of different ways to earn money from living room. For all them Earn money from URL shortener is best and simplest way.  If you does not have any technical skills or don’t know in deep about marketing then making money from short URL is best way. Now the question what the URL short means and how we can earn money from it.? So here we will discuss about URL shortener service.  URL shortener networks allow you to short down the long URL. What you have to first simply join any URL shortener service which are listed out below and create new Short links with the help of them and promote that Short URL on anywhere you want to just like at your on blog or social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and many more. When someone click on your Short URL then it will redirect passing through ad page for 5 second and then towards their original long link. So this is how you will get paid from these services.  The maximum rate provide by companies are from $1 to $10 per 1000 views/clicks on your Short URL. The rate vary according to visitor location. 

Best Highest paying URL Shortners to Make Money Online 2016

1) is new URL shortening company and It will give you $5 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL and the minimum cash out is 5$. If your are not satisfied with payout then you can earn money from referral system It will gives you 20% commissions on referrals. is a user friendly and you can securely get your payment through Paypal and Payoneer. It has a good payout rates and it is a good platform to earn money on short links. Beside this have also affiliate programs It gives you great ads format and you can promote on your blog or website

2) : is another fastest growing new network with amazing features and service toearn money on short offer upto $5 per 1000 views and they guaranties for minimum $1.50 for 1000 views. Minimum Payout is $5 via PayPal and other payment methods are also available. It also provides referral system so you can get 20% commission from your referrals

3) Adfly is old and one of the best trusted company which is pays on time. You can get approx  $5 per 1000 views by promoting your shorten URL. The main thing we like about Adfly is that the minimum payout is $5 which is best than other companies. It is a trusted company and you can get your payment through Paypal. Most of the people use Adfly because it is an old and legal, trusted company to earn money on short links and which takes best care of it’s customers

4) provides free and modern URL shortener service you can register here and share your short URL on different sites and can earn money. You can get more than 4$ per 1000 visits on your short URL. It also provides referral system so you can get 10% commission from your referrals. You can also check real time statics of your short URL. The minimum payout is 10$. 

5) Linkshrink pays 2$ to 5$ and the minimum payout is 5$. It is another good platform to earn money on short links. Through referral system you can get 10% commission from your referral. It is the best and innovative company which pays good rates to it’s customers. You can register free and earn money to share your links on internet.

Best Highest paying URL Shortners to Make Money Online 2016

Best Android Apps To Relax Your Mind & Body 2016

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Friends in our daily life we are running so fast and our target is only end in last in money word. 'how to earn more and more money comparing to others' and we forgot all things which are very necessary in our daily life to relax our body & mind and as a result we are every time feeling tired, mind is not working,  we are not undersatnding what we do but if you are one of these which are facing these problems then only one solution for that meditation to get relax but many guys they dont know how to meditate so no problem we have a solution for this try our top Best Android Apps To Relax Your Mind & Body 2016

check our list of Best Android Apps To Relax Your Mind & Body 2016

Need a little more calm in your life? You’ve come to the right app!
Calm can help you meditate, sleep, relax and much more. By downloading this app, you’ll discover how meditation can improve your mood - and your life

Acupressure involves focusing therapy on certain points of the body to relieve physical and mental symptoms of stress. Unlike acupuncture, there are no needles involved, just massage. Acupressure: Heal Yourself guides you to the various pressure points that you can self-massage to get the relief you need from your anxiety, as well as from pain, addiction, and other common disorders.

Relax Melodies is the LEADER in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance. No more lacking of sleep or insomnia for you! The sleep that you need and want is waiting for you. Relax Melodies and its many features such as high quality white noise sounds, music melodies and complete customizable mixes will help you sleep like never before!

Meditation relax music sleep offers you 15 sessions of meditation sounds without repetition to be used how: ambiance music, massage music, music to sleep and calm music. Meditation relax music sleep is your perfect relax aid and help to stop anxiety and stress daily, relieve headache, cure insomnia and how a substitute for white noise

Using proven meditation and mindfulness techniques we’ll show you how to train your mind for a healthier, happier, more enjoyable life

friends if you know any good app to Relax Mind & Body then please comment we will add app with your name in our Best Android Apps To Relax Your Mind & Body category

Thank your for reading this post guys :-)

Pokemon Go unlimited Coins and Pokeballs apk

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Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It was released in most regions of the world in July 2016 this game was very popular in few days and going viral like a forest fire i know you are started thinking whats special in this game which makes this special and viral ok so if you want to know about this game then you have to download this game and play then you know whats make this game to special

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Pokemon Go unlimited Coins and Pokeballs apk ;-)

How to Download Pokemon Go unlimited Coins and Pokeballs apk

  1. download pokemon go mod apk 
  2. after sucessfully download pokemon go install and open game
  3. you need working internet connection and gps as it is an online game 

Requirements to Run Pokemon Go in your SmartPhone:

  • You should have android version between 4.4-6.0.1
  • A working data connection with a much better speed. It will not work on 2G
  • GPS support is must for it as said it is a reality based game.
  • Your smartphone should have 2GB RAM to have full access on game without lags.

How to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Device (No Root Needed)

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WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging app on android, windows and iOS devices. It has become a great alternative to the default text messaging app because of it’s cool features. WhatsApp allow us to text,call and share unlimited pictures and videos using our mobile data.  As the trend of dual sim phones is increasing most of us own dual sim mobile phones. Dual sim phones have became quite popular among smartphone users. So today I’m going to show how we can use dual WhatsApp accounts on a single android device. And yeah no root needed!

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How to Run Dual WhatsApp Accounts ?

  • First we need to download GB WhatsApp (Mod of WhatsApp) which allow us to use dual numbers on WhatsApp. Download GB WhatsApp APK
  • Now install the downloaded GB WhatsApp apk file on your android phone. You don’t need to uninstall the original version of WhatsApp.
  • After the installation is completed launch the app and tap on Agree and continue.
  • Now enter the second number on which you want to run WhatsApp and tap on Ok.
  • You will receive a confirmation code on that number, Enter the confirmation code to verify the number.
  • In the next step it will ask you to add your name and profile picture which you want to use on your second number.
  • Click on next and your second WhatsApp account is ready to use.
Now You have 2 Whatsapp Accounts in Single Device

10 Best Smartphones Under Rs5000 In India

GB Whatsapp Latest Version 4.70 APK JULY 2015

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hello friends if you are using old GB whatsapp version and want to update with a latest version or want to use two whatsapp ac's in a single device then this post only for you Check GBWhatsapp New Version 4.70 which comes with many new features

Friends we have some looting shopping offers 
4 u which you never want to ignore 

How To Run Two WhatsApp Accounts In One Device (No Root Needed)

UPDATED ; 23/07/2016

What’s New in 4.70

[ New ] Base Updated to 2.16.133
[ Fixed ] Backup/Restore
[ Fixed ] Sending All Types of Documents
[ Exclusive ] Mod 6.10 - Create Shortcut with Your Name (Unlimited Shortcut Icons)
[ Added ] Option to Change Quoted Message Color (Mod 1.2.49 to Mod 1.2.52)
[ Fixed ] Cropping/Sending Video
[ Fixed ] Crash for Custom Wallpaper
[ Fixed ] App Lock when Opening from Notifications
[ Fixed ] Turkish Translation
Other Fixes...
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